Usage of headphones these days

Usage of headphones these days

When we are walking down the street, we can meet hundreds of people using their headphones to listen to some music or talk with their friends or family by the phone. Of course we can meet jerks that listen to their favorite techno music via their portable speakers, but forget about them. These days we have thousands of models of professional headset We can see them almost everywhere: on the TV, on Youtube, etc.

Why do we need headphones?


Well, we do not, but they are very useful. When we are on the bus or train and mom calls us, we just need to answer. We don’t want people to hear what our mother say and that’s why we put our headphones on. In addition everything we say is clearer due to better microphone inside our headphones. Yes, microphone is important too. When we end a call, we usually listen to some music during a travel so it’s another reason to have them. Don’t be a jerk and use your headphones.

Some people need them more than others


There are professions that require professional headset, for example call center employee, sports commentators, flight controllers or sound engineers. They have to use headphones almost every single day for long hours. Imagine a call center employee with normal phone or sound engineer with decent speakers instead of professional gear. It would be crazy.

Now imagine flight controller with just a decent headphones with bad sound quality and decent microphone. It would be a disaster. A lot of planes would crash and thousands of people would die. That’s why they all just need professional headset. It’s a must. Without it they wouldn’t be able to do their jobs.

What should professional headset be like?


It should be like a best sword in a kingdom. For real. Professional headphones should be always the best possible quality. What does make them the best?

Sound quality for sure. We all like to hear every little thing when we listen to music, because it makes song better. Details are very important. Especially when you need professional headphones to work.

The second one is comfort. When you spend long hours by the desk with your headphones on your head, they just need to be comfortable. There’s no other way. They should have moveable parts and be flexible. Thank to that we can set our headphones however we feel comfortable and be less stressed and more productive.

Microphone. When we are the flight controller we cannot use some bad microphone to work. We need the best possible. That’s why people often choose to buy headset without microphone and then buy separated microphone, because of better quality that separated microphone provides.

We can see clearly now, that these days almost everyone uses headphones. Some need just decent headphones and the others need professional headset. We just need to decide what we need and buy one for ourselves. Don’t listen to people, who say that everyone needs the best possible headset, even though that most of us use them during travel or workout. Remember the meme - Don’t be that guy.